kids beaches playing

Good, beach times... | Orlando and Central Florida Photographer

So, this is my first blog post here at Cozy Pictures. My site has just moved. My previous partner, Sylvia and I have decided that it's time to start our own websites since she no longer lives in Florida. I decided to share these few shots of my two loves from our recent trips to the local Florida beaches. These two monkeys are all about getting dirty... and RUN. Every trip. They run, run and run, covering miles. Chasing each other, chasing birds, running away from crabs. Some shots were taken with my 'good camera', some with my less so good camera, some with just my iPhone. Most of the time I don't want to drag my equipment with me, so I can also get wet and dirty with them and not have to worry about potential damages of my gear. Most of the time, I just want to be a mom. I want to cherish each moment and inhale these special times I have with my babies. They grow up so fast. Too fast. I love doing beach sessions for many reasons. There is less stress on parents, kids just run and I can freely capture their liveliness and energy, less pressure for 'posed' photos, kids get dirty, and after a while parents just let them be kids. The pressure is gone, and kids can be kids. And then, the real magic starts.