Cutest 1 year old ever...Family, maternity and newborn photographer in Orlando, Florida

I had a pleasure to photograph this little girl when she was just a few days old. Now she is all grown up and walking! Time flies by. Way too fast. This session was quite a thing due to the weather - imagine, we had to reschedule I think 3 times, 2 of which we arrived to the location and it was raining! We would be watching the weather channel, looking online for weather forecast, looking at the weather radar app on my phone and it showed either 0% or 30% chance of rain in Orlando, so we would text each other and go to the location. Within minutes clouds rolled over, and it would pour by the time we arrived! TWICE. But third times a charm. I am very happy with how the session turned out, though. Little M. girl was the best 1 year old I have photographed in a long time. She was all smiles! Absolutely loved her! Beautiful family inside out - so how would the session not turn out great!