I hear these questions pretty much every time I book a session, so don't worry you are not the only one that doesn't know what looks best in the camera. We have gone a long time since the - lets all wear khaki or jeans and black T-shirts to our session! Basically, let's match! Uhmm, big no. I am not saying don't wear jeans, but matching and looking 'the same' is what we don't want. I have created boards for both family sessions and maternity sessions to give you better ideas or to trigger your memory and go: 'yeah, I have that kind of sweater'. You might find most things in your closet, maybe some hats or belts or boots that you haven't worn in a while, or this might be a reason to just go shopping... :)


Here are links to Pinterest board for a What to Wear to a Family Photo session: https://www.pinterest.com/annafeltman/what-to-wear-family/

Here is a link to help you choose clothing for your Maternity session: https://www.pinterest.com/annafeltman/maternity-clothes-ideas/


Here is just a few things I have learned over the years. 

Don't match. Just looking at the Pintrest Boards should give you an idea of what I am talking about. You want to pick a color palette for your photos. Maybe pick one color, maybe a dress you want to wear. Then depending on how many people are in the shoot, pick the rest of the clothing. If your dress is yellow, maybe focus on something grey, and if you are able to throw in flats for your daughter in yellow, or your little son's bow tie or suspenders also in yellow - you did it! I like patterns. It's okay to wear it to a session, just make sure that the rest of the family is not clashing with you! Softer palettes look best in photos, maybe with a pop of color in a form of a belt, scarf or cool shoes. Moms-to-be are advised to wear a long dress if possible and maybe change into something else if desired.