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I had a pleasure to photograph this sweet family in my studio a couple of months ago. It just seems like I photographed this family while mommy was still pregnant (blog post coming up soon). I couldn't stop form posting a lot of black and white pictures. These turned out to be my FAVORITE. This little baby girl was soooo cute with so much hair! It makes the black and white images just pop even more. And she was so good to me and slept like a champ! I also got a chance to travel to her home and photograph her in her nursery! I love this part of the session, it's probably my favorite. Lifestyle newborn photography is so much more personal. It's where the magic, where life happens. Why not wanting to capture this moment. I am working now on expanding my website to include the entire gallery of these. I have been doing lifestyle newborn photography for over 6 years now, and as the time goes by, it's becoming my favorite. 

Newborn Photo Session | Orlando Newborn Photographer

It was such a pleasure to meet this family and work with them. I always get to meet so many interesting people! This family lives on the other side of the world, in a very interesting country that I hope to get to see one day. The dad is a diplomat in that country and it was so cool to learn what he does! And baby C was such a great sleeper - he did awesome. If I got a dollar for every smile I saw, I would be rich! :) But we got a few - just see this smiling newborn baby. And we got a yawn too!

For the session mom and dad picked some nice and warm and bright colors. I loved their choices. Different from the usual blue... Love the green and yellow and red on a newborn baby. Also we got some shots with the older sister - she was so sweet! Enjoy!

If you would like to schedule a newborn session in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florday, please contact me by filling out a form! Newborn pictures are best when done within the first two weeks of baby's life and preferable between day 6-12. 

Newborn and Baby Photographer in Orlando, FL - baby J and his brother

This couldn't be a sweeter family. I am so lucky to meet some awesome people... I photographed them just couple years back when their first baby boy was born. This time the photoshoot took place in my studio in the suburb of Orlando, FL. And look who else came and visited me: Daisy, their spotted Great Dane! And I got a pretty good shot of her and baby J - the little baby never looked that little to me before until this shot! :) Also, there is a sweet story behind that one ring you will see on one of the photographs - baby feet and a ring. It's not a standard shot. Usually it's the cute baby feet and wedding bands. The Tiffany ring was the way that the family found out if the baby is going to be a girl or a boy! The ultrasound tech wrote it on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope, which was taken to the Tiffany store. The worker was told that if it's a boy, to put a rose gold ring in the box... which was opened later on and the sex of the baby was revealed... how sweet and original!!! 

Newborn Photographer in Orlando, FL - welcome baby E.!

It was a pleasure to photograph this sweet family. Baby E slept like a champ! I liked chatting w his parents, while we took some awesome family shots. I love how they turned out. Mommy and baby photos are my favorite!!! Look at this beautiful momma and try to disagree w me! :)